KFMC Objectives:
The strategic objectives have been divided on four perspectives and each strategic objective has its measurements as following:

PERSPECTIVE 1: Customer Needs and Services
Objective 1: Increase Patient Satisfaction
Objective 2: Increase Staff Satisfaction
Objective 3: Improve Public Image
PERSPECTIVE 2: Financial Inputs
Objective 4: Optimize Utilization of Resources
Objective 5: Increase Revenue Generation
PERSPECTIVE 3: Internal​ Business Processes and Work Methods
Objective 6: Enhance Productivity​
Objective 7: Optimize Provision of Care
Objective 8: Improve Decision-Making
Objective 9: Reduce Cycle Time
Objective 10: Improve Safety
PERSPECTIVE 4: Organizational Capacity
Objective 11: Optimize Use of Technology
Objective 12: Improve Facility
Objective 13: Improve Staff Competencies and Growth