Children's Specialized Hospital

We welcome you to Children's Specialized Hospital  and we are delighted to provide some information about Children's Hospital. The Children's Specialized Hospital commenced delivery of medical services on 2003, being the first specialized hospital operating in the Medical City. The Children's Specialized Hospital comprises a team of highly qualified doctors, nurses and technicians in all medical and surgical specialties, working as one team and backed by the latest diagnostic and therapeutic devices.
We always strive to achieve excellence in all services provided to children suffering from diseases requiring advanced tertiary care in a child-family-friendly environment without compromising high quality. The hospital holds an international accreditation from the Central Board for Accreditation of Healthcare Institutions (CBAHI), and The Joint Commission International (JCI) Accreditation.
The Children's Specialized Hospital does not neglect its duty in the training of medical staff since it organizes the largest training program for resident pediatricians, and delivers training programs in eight delicate sub-specialties in pediatrics all of which are accredited by the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties. In addition, the Children's Specialized Hospital effectively contributes to promote medical research and continuous medical education to participate in the development of healthcare services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Children's Specialized Hospital was founded on Rabi Ath-Thani, 7th 1424 AH corresponding to June 6th, 2003 AD as one of the largest children's hospitals in the region, delivering high-level services with a capacity of 237 beds. Rapidly, the hospital gained a prominent position among children's hospitals in the government sector.

Mission & Vision:

“Dedicated to provide the best specialized health care, research, training, education and human resource development in a child friendly environment with honestly, loyalty and teamwork."


“To be the Leading regional Children’s Hospital in providing specialized, comprehensive healthcare and professional training.”

Setting up and implementing programs that translate evidence into practice.
Education and training.
High quality, cost effective and patient-centred care for diabetes and endocrine disorders.

Hospital Facilities:

Capacity of the Children's Specialized Hospital
Main Departments:
• Department of Pediatrics Sub-Specialties
• Department of General Pediatrics and Adolescent
• Department of Pediatric Surgery
• Department of Neonatology
• Department of Pediatrics Intensive Care

Organization Chart:


Countact Us:
Adresss: Riyadh Makkah Road 
P.O.box 59046 Riyadh 11525
internal Mail 30001

KFMC Telephone: +966 1 2889999

Administration of Children's Hospital      :Ext 17007 / 17085 
Nursing of  Children's Hospital                : Ext 12331 
Subspecialties Department                     : Ext 12205 
General Pediatrics and Adolescent Department: Ext 14826
NICU                                                         :Ext 18553 
PICU                                                         :Ext 12411
Pediatric Surgery Department                  :Ext 12463 
Immunology and Rheumatology section  :Ext 14548
Behavior section                                       :Ext 17526 
 Endocrinology Section                              :Ext 17526 
 Pulmonary Section                                   :Ext 14548 
 Infectious Diseases Section                     :Ext 13968 
 Genetics Section                                      :Ext 12185
 Nephrology Section                                  :Ext 12185 
 Gastroenterolog Section                           :Ext 13968