Comprehensive Cancer Center

The Comprehensive Cancer Center of King Fahad Medical City is considered Ministry of Health’s main reference for Hematology and Oncology within the Central Region of Saudi Arabia. Our patients are referred from all regions in the Kingdom to receive all the necessary treatments required. The Comprehensive Cancer Center has full support in its medical tasks caring for hematology & oncology patients in accordance to the international standards of patient care.

Mission & Vission:

To prevent and alleviate suffering of cancer patients and their family through multi-disciplinary approach, health education, psychosocial support and cancer research.

"To be internationally accredited comprehensive cancer center"


  • Professionalism
  • Sincerity
  • Honesty
  • Optimism
  • Commitment


1. Establishment of the first Ministry of Health specialized Cancer Center.
2. Treatment of more than nine thousand cancer patients with international standards.
3. Delivering more than thirty thousand chemo therapy unit.
4. Delivering more than seventy thousand radiation therapy treatments.
5. Delivering more than nine hundred radioactive iodine doses.
6. it is the first specialized center in the Middle East for treating tumors by ultrasound.
7. Obtaining the certificate of atomic energy agency for the safety of radiation therapy.
8. Winner of ten certificates and prizes in specific health quality.
9. Preparation of clinical manuals and guidelines for cancer therapy.
10. Preparing the Saudi standards for the oncology departments in the Kingdom.
11. Publishing numerous scientific researches in the field of cancer.
12. Participation and supervision of the national program for early detection of breast cancer.
13. Hosting significant medical symposia and conferences.
14. Medical research co-operation with M.D Anderson in the U.S.A, the National center in Singapore, the National Center in Korea and National Center in China for mutual interests.
15. Active participation in the national strategy for fighting cancer in the Kingdom.
16. Active participation with the social philanthropic societies in the public cancer awareness programs.
17. Operation of the most sophisticated equipments for treatment by deep interventional radiation and radio surgeries as the first center affiliate to the ministry of health.
18. Pain treatment by Scrambler Therapy.
19. Active participation in programs for scholarship of Saudi citizens to specialize in the oncology field with the custodian of the two holy mosques scholarship program.

Hospital Facilities:

  • Hematology & Stem Cells Transplantation Department
  • The Adult Oncology Department
  • Pediatric Hematology & Oncology Department
  • The Radiation Oncology Department
  • Palliative Care Department

Organization Chart: