Main Hospital :

The Main Hospital of King Fahad Medical City is proud to be part of the communities we serve, in metropolitan and nearby regional area.
Our Main Hospital currently maintains (174) dedicated beds that provide Medical, Surgical, Dental and Intensive care Services to our Society and Health Services for the Staff. Main Hospital offers a wide range of services in a highest level of innovation, compassion, and specialty care to  communities.
Another important area of improvement of clinical services is continuous development in sub—specialty service through intensive education, quality training and rigorous research.
This will not be possible without the help of all Medical Staff, for their selfless and tireless professional services and expertise, that the physical and emotional ailments of our patients may be alleviated year after year.

Vision & Mission :

To be recognized by patients and families for compassionate healthcare, and by staff for respect, responsibility and collabora​tion.
Committed to high quality patient-centered healthcare that are continuously developed by training and research.

Objectives in relation to Customer Needs:
• To be recognized by Patients and Families as the compassionate healthcare.
• Provide comprehensive Quality health care based on the latest scientific evidence, knowledge and practice guidelines.
• Collaborate with other KFMC Hospitals/ Centers in order to implement all strategic goals.
• Create caring and professional environment for patients and staff
 Objectives in relation to internal processes:
Objectives in relation to internal processes:• Recruit experienced professionals to various department  of the Main Hospital.
• Continous development and improvement of various internal processes related to Main Hospital.
Objectives in relation to learning and growth needs:
• Excel in the culture of training and education to our staff
• Contribute to the public health education and awareness.
• Improve the management of national health burden in collaboration with national health authorities

Hospital Facilities  :

Clinical  Sites:
Renal Dialysis Unit - located in the 2nd floor of Main Hospital
Bronchoscopy Unit - located in the 3rd floor of Main Hospital
Medical Specialties Consultation Services - located in the Ground Floor of Main Hospital
ENT and Opthalmology Consultations - located in the 1st floor of Main Hospital
Dental Services -located in the Ground Floor of Main Hospital
Employee Health Services - located in the First Floor Main Hospital

Administrative Offices
Main Hospital Administration Office - located in the 1st Floor Executive Administration Building.
Medical Specialties Department  - located in New Physician Office room 58, 60 and 70
Surgical Specialties Department - located in New Physician Office room 15, 25, 31, 32.
Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine Department - located in the 1st floor Main Hospital
Dentistry Department - located in New Physician Office room 44 and 56
Family Medicine and Employee Health Department - located in the 1st Floor Main Hospital

Ogrgnizing Chart  :


Contact Us :

KFMC Addresses and Phone Numbers
Hospital Address:
Toll free No. 8001277000
P.O. Box 59046
Riyadh 11525
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Department name:
The individual's name:
For operator assistance Dial “0”

KFMC Main Phone Numbers:
KFMC Telephone: +966 1 2889999
KFMC Fax: +966 1 461 4006

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