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Mission & Vision:

The Spine Surgery Department at The National Neuroscience Institute, KFMC, aims to be a leader in the   care and management of spinal illnesses in adults and pediatric patients, to be a source of support for their families, and to be an advocate for the rights of these patients to reach their full potential.

In pursuing this mission we will:

  • Provide tertiary spinal care through coordinated and multidisciplinary patient focused programs in conjunction with other services in the healthcare network to assure the highest quality and continuity of care.
  • Help patients achieve their maximum functional potential after a disabling spinal illness and help their families understand the impact of the disease and any potential disabilities that may be associated with it.
  • Provide clinical teaching and training, carry out and collaborate in research, and be available as a resource for public education.
  • Standardize practice of spine surgery by applying protocols, policies and procedures for spinal conditions, and initiate national registries for the Ministry of Health in common spine surgery conditions
The Spine Surgery Department vision is to be a center of excellence for the kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the field of spine surgery, with core competencies in complex and minimally invasive spine management.


  • Inpatients: The Spine Surgery inpatient unit is located at ward 3, and ward 5 of 4th floor, Main Hospital. And spine unit at 2nd floor, Rehabilitation Hospital.
  • Staff: There are six (6) full time spine surgery subspecialty consultants, one (1) part-time subspecialty consultant (with orthopedic and neurosurgical backgrounds) in addition to two (2) fellows and rotating residents.
  • Clinics: There are eight (8) specialized spine surgery clinics/week located at the OPD Department, Main Hospital, Ground Floor. A sixth pending slot for the 2nd part-time orthopedic spine subspecialty consultant (currently meeting his spine patients in his pediatric orthopedic clinic). 
  • Tumor Board:  There is a weekly tumor board meeting every Saturday/Sunday located in the pathology conference room, 1st floor, Main Hospital.
  • Operating Rooms: There are seven (7) OR days/week for spine surgery, (Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday). OR #3, and #5. Main OR is the room dedicated for spine surgery. This is located at the 1st Floor, Main Hospital.
  • National Neuroscience Institute Library: This is located at the Paediatric Neurosciences Ward C4-3, 4th Floor, Children's Hospital.
  • ICU: This is located at the 1st floor of the Main Hospital.
  • Emergency Room: This is located at the ground floor of Main Hospital.
  • Administration Offices: This is located at Ward 2, 4th floor of Main Hospital.

There is 24-hour coverage for the department, with one (1) consultant spine surgery on-call at any time. The resident and assistant consultant rotating in spine surgery participates in the general neurosurgical call schedule.