Woman Specialized Hospital :

Dear Colleagues,
I welcome you to the women specialized hospital which is considered, in its five departments (General Obstetrics & Gynecology, Fetal & Maternal Medicine, Reproductive Medicine, Urogynecology, and gynecology-oncology), as integral part of KFMC.
The hospital is committed to provide a specialized medical care of high quality to patients and pregnant women. We are accountable to continuously improve the quality of care we provide to our patients. This is through evidence based practice in keeping with up to date scientific evidence and research, with regular auditing to our clinical practice to ensure the compliance with the evidence based standards, and risk management by identification and analysis of risk in addition to taking proper actions to avoid recurrence, and education, training, continuous professional development of medical staffing at all levels. We are responsible for educating patients and pregnant women and their families with effective communication through the patient affairs office and we make sure that patient's complaints are dealt with properly and considered as an important tool of improving the quality of care. Finally, we assure the recruitment of a skilled staff with high quality who work as a team in a supportive environment.

Medical Director
Consultant OB-Gyn, Perinatologist
Women’s Specialized Hospital
King Fahad Medical City
Email add: bsallout@kfmc.med.sa
Tel. No. +966 (1) 12889999 ext. 7020

Missio & Vision :

 To provide tertiary level health care services to women guided by evidenced   based practice.

To be the most trustworthy women’s tertiary health care service provider in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Organization Chart:


Contact Us:
Women's Specialized Hospital Directory
KFMC Line : 00966 11 288 9999
​WSH Administration: Ext. 17022- 9231
Nursing Administration: Ext 17977 - 13038
Emergence room: 13033
Out patient clinic: 13189
Ultrasound: 13313
RMU: 13601 - 8501
Labour Room: 13199 - 13991
High Risk: 13050 - 13052 -13051
Antenatal Ward 13109-13110
Gyn Ward : 13087-13088
Post C/S Ward : 13261-13262
Post Natal ward: 13237-13238
Nursery : 18107
Day Care unit/ Privatre Medical Center : 13164 - 13162 - 13161